Our goal

The demands for Samadhan’s services grows continuously, as the tours through the rural areas with the mobile intelligence bus (awareness-camp, public relations) reaches out to more women daily. 

Therefore we know that we can provide very effective help for these women of India by building a women’s centre in Dehradun in North India, which provides space and protection for up to 300 women in emergency situations due to domestic violence and sexual exploitation.

The center offers:

    • Shelter and security
    • Primary health care
    • More space for one to one and group therapies to rehabilitate from traumata
    • Classrooms for a diverse range of professions, such as agriculture and agricultural production
    • Geographical proximity to Universities and other places of higher education in areas such as law, medicine and apprenticeships
    • Sufficient space surrounding the house for freedom of movement and greater possibilities for leisure time in a secure area
    • A place for production and manufacture of agricultural products, in order to partially cover the running costs

Forming a larger community of women allows strength to grow in the individuals as much as the collective consciousness.

Together we create an exit option for situations in which a way out seems impossible.

It is a revolutionary project on every level for India: socially, politically and economically. The effect of the centre will broaden over time. The mobile clinic has already been described in the Hindusan Times newspaper as the first project of this kind in North India and the new centre for women will enter the consciousness of the public, altering perceptions and actions.

The enabling of self-confident and self-determined life plans for these women, will show other women in need how to defend themselves and a way to a better quality of life.

The social and structural discrimination and exploitation of women is opposed with this highly effective and strong counter model.

Please help us!

Phase I

Acquisition of a land area of approximately 12200m2 (3 Acre)

Estimated cost
USD 630 000.-

Phase II

Development, Utilisation of the Land
Construction of walls for security
Installation of general purpose facilities (sanitation, electricity, water supply)

Estimated cost
USD 240 000.-
(INRs. 15 000 000.-)

Phase III

Construction of Infrastructure
Covering an area of about 4650 m2
(50 000 SqFt.)

Estimated cost
USD 1 050 000.-
(INRs. 65 000 000.-)

Interior fitting (furniture, beds, fire extinguisher, domestic appliances, etc.)

Estimated cost
USD 400 000.-
(INRs. 25 000 000.-)

Phase IV

A seed capital of

USD 1 000 000.-

This stock, by creating interest, secures a foundation on which the project can function self-sufficiently and financially independent in the longterm.