Renu Singh

A twelve year old Indian girl crying, alone on the deserted village street, blood dripping from be-tween her small legs.

Renu Singh, herself a girl of fifteen years, sees the girl and, deeply concerned, asks what had happened to her. The girl points silently at a balcony on which her father stands. Renu wants to save the girl from her father, who had violated and raped the girl repeatedly and impregnated his own daughter in the process. Without any further delay Renu takes the girl on her moped and they leave together.

It was in that moment that Renu Singh’s work as lawyer and advocate began, now spanning thirty years and counting. When Renu enters the room one can feel that she exudes something magical and powerful. When she speaks about her work with such passion and energy, she gives evidence to her deep knowledge and guidance.


Culture in India

Only an estimated 15% of sexual abuse is reported, out of which only 1% is brought to court! The reason for this is, that a raped woman often losses respect from her own family and community.

She poses a problem! She is regarded as a woman with ill character and repute. This attitude is deeply anchored in the Indian believe system and spans through the entire caste system.

The family won’t shelter their daughter anymore, otherwise the whole family would be tormented by the community.


Our Goal

The demands for Samadhan’s services grows continuously, as the tours through the rural areas with the mobile intelligence bus (awareness-camp, public relations) reaches out to more women daily. 

Therefore we know that we can provide very effective help for these women of India by building a women’s centre in Dehradun in North India, which provides space and protection for up to 300 women in emergency situations due to domestic violence and sexual exploitation.